I have not as yet seen Pirates o’ da Cari’been 4 just yet, but I’m certain it’ll find its way in front of me soon enough. For those of you that have, please enjoy this pirate-based joke. Come to think of it, I suppose those of you who have not seen On Stranger Tides yet can also enjoy it. Perhaps in lieu of seeing the movie, even. My comic is certainly cheaper, and if you don’t like it, at least it’s over quickly.

Uuuuh, oh! Actual news! So my sister pointed out this nifty thing some nice Swedish people are doing called Flattr. The short version is that it lets you set up this little account that you pay a little cash into. Then, you go around to websites that ya like and you “flattr” them. At the end of the month, the money you paid in gets divvied up even among all the things you flattered. Cool, huh? Well, I thought so. Anyway, I’ve got a Flattr button up now because… well, because I’m a greedy whore who wants of all your money so he can swim around in it all Scrooge McDuck style.

That’s not to try an be all presumptuous about my art. There’s a very good reason Sketched Comedy is, y’know, free. Still, I figure there’s no harm it putting it out there, right? You can click it or not, I shan’t begrudge you. But the idea looked cool and, well, it seems classier than a raw PayPal button just hanging on the page. (Which is what I will continue to think right up until I get around to putting up that PayPal link I’ve been meaning to add…)