Yeah, I’ve never really bought into the whole “things were better when blah was blah back in derp derp derp.” Typically, that’s just short hand for “things were better for my group specifically, and now things aren’t actually any worse for me beyond the fact that I’m slightly inconvenience by how much better it is for these other people.” Well, that, and a heavy dose of what Wayne’s World had to say about change.

Caveat: if you lived during the Dark Ages, then… okay, yeah. Things were probably a bit better before then. But that’s- wait, okay, I suppose if you were a Jew living in 1940s Germany… okay, yeah. Things were probably a bit better before then, too. Look, what I’m trying to say is that unless people are being burned alive when previously they were not being immolated so, then you should probably shut the fuck up.

And hey, it’s this guy, back by popular demand! Which is to say, a couple people said they liked the robot. And that just has to pass for “popular demand” around here.

Actually, I always wanted to bring the little guy back. I just like the idea of a cylinder with a boxing glove arm exacting petty vengeance upon people. Will we see ‘im s’more? Mmm, I suppose that depends entirely on just how funny violence remains in the coming days.