Situation: I have been watching a lot of Scrubs on Netflix’s Watch Instantly. Result: You get a joke about doctors.

Wanna take a moment here to thank my dearest Shadlyn for helping me with this stuff. It’s nice to have another head to bounce ideas off of, but mostly, well… she’s an artist. Like, a proper artist. So I’m constantly asking her for advice on how to draw this or that.

Boobs, for example. Boobs are hard to draw.

And now that I’ve gotten to write the word “boobs” twice (three times, now!), I feel I should use my remaining space to plug something of Shadlyn’s. Well, there’s her blog Practically Creative. It’s about philosophy, minimalism, creative pursuits, and stuff. And there’s her Etsy store. It has pretty paintings. There. Two links for two boobs.

And that makes four times. It’s been a good day.