Violence, mean-spirited humor, a grieving family… what more could a joke possibly want?

Well, some better art would be nice. I mean, everyone gets that those multicolored tube-things in panel 2 are the snakes from the surprise-snake-in-a-can gag, right? I mean, we’re all working with a humor base that originates from the fucking 70s, right? Okay, cool. Just making sure we’re on the same page.

Speaking of which, quick shout out to my friend Dan over at Manifest Destiny. He has moved to a new URL, having quickly and quietly vacated ComicFury to forge his own destiny. We wish him all the best. (By “we,” I of course mean myself and the screaming Martian cavemen that live inside my brain.) Please, go read his webcomic. It’s quite, quite good.

And then come back and read this one some more. Please? If not for me, then for the children.