Feb 24Jerk-Punching Robot
Mar 2Misguided Manhunt
Mar 9Spoon
Mar 16Every Bumper Sticker Ever
Mar 23Metahumor
Mar 30Lowest Brow
Apr 4Hate Mail
Apr 7Ecks Kay See Dee
Apr 11Awkwaaaaaard
Apr 13Matt Bradford, Time Traveling Douchebag
Apr 17Balloon
Apr 20Low-Cost Humor Ration Unit
Apr 24Poor Word Choice
Apr 27Sole Mates
May 1April Fool’s
May 4Good News
May 8The Agony & The Ecstasy
May 8Unfortunate Habits
May 15One-Panel Puns: Kitty Litter
May 18The Golden Tears
May 22Bored?
May 25Walk the Plank
May 29Jimmy the Knife
Jun 1Shark
Jun 5The Treachery of Jokes
Jun 8Bedtime “Story”
Jun 12Girl’s Best Friend
Jun 15The Same Cycle
Jun 19One-Panel Puns: Neighborhood Watch
Jun 22Rock and LOL
Jun 27Señor Independence
Jun 30The Classics
Jul 4Timely Investment
Jul 7Dead and Gone Fishin’
Jul 11Your Daddy
Jul 14Destiny
Jul 18Serial Killer
Jul 21One-Panel Puns: Boxing Match
Jul 25Pregnator
Jul 28Tooth Fairy
Aug 1Booty Recall
Aug 4One-Panel Puns: Self Checkout
Aug 8User-Generated Comedy
Aug 11Critical Error
Aug 15What’s in a Mane?
Aug 18One-Panel Puns: Flash Freeze
Aug 22Cranial Retention
Aug 25New Nipples
Aug 29Fortuitous Feline Affiliation
Sep 1One Good Turn
Sep 5A Long Time Ago, In a Classroom Far, Far Away
Sep 7(Pain) Tolerance
Sep 12I’m Sorry, We’re All Out of Africa
Sep 15The Old Switcheroo
Sep 19At The Mashed Potatoes of Madness
Sep 21Wee Whee
Sep 26Know Your Headscarves
Sep 29One-Panel Puns: Turndown Service
Oct 3A Stranger to Myself
Oct 6The Last Starlover
Oct 10Teddy Bare
Oct 12Destructive Reasoning
Oct 16Write What You Know
Oct 20Baby Cakes
Oct 24The Artist’s Way
Oct 27One-Panel Puns: Brain Trust
Oct 31Fair And Balanced
Nov 3The Cycle of Violence
Nov 7Working “Hard”
Nov 10Dog and Pony Play Show
Nov 14One-Panel Puns: Carbon Dating
Nov 17Literally
Nov 21The Land of the Free
Nov 24And the Home of the Brave
Nov 28One-Panel Puns: Training Wheels
Dec 1In Theory
Dec 5Hunt/Gather
Dec 5Singhilarity
Dec 12Your Author
Dec 15Objection Overruled
Dec 19Silent Fight, Part 1
Dec 22Silent Fight, Part 2
Dec 26Silent Fight, Part 3
Dec 29One-Panel Puns: Vacuum cleaner


Jan 2Wishing Well
Jan 5The Davy Jones Dilemma
Jan 9Recursive Writing
Jan 11Backwardsball
Jan 16Greek Comedy
Jan 18Fresh Meat
Jan 23Image Training
Jan 26Blockage
Jan 30Game Changer
Feb 2Pomp’ and Unfortunate Circumstances
Feb 6One-Panel Puns: Baby Buggy
Feb 9How Far We’ve Come
Feb 13Love Hurts
Feb 16Obvious, Really
Feb 20Lost in Translation
Feb 23In The Beginning
Feb 27One-Panel Puns: Bottom Feeder
Mar 1I Scream
Mar 5Monkey Shine
Mar 8Teaching Tool
Mar 12Paleophonic
Mar 15Birth Control
Mar 19Label Maker
Mar 22Spoiler Mourning
Mar 26One-Panel Puns: Isabelle
Mar 29Space Guy: The Guy in Space
Apr 2Color Bind
Apr 5Great, The Outdoors
Apr 9First Things First
Apr 12Fishful Thinking
Apr 16TiVolution
Apr 19Swingers
Apr 23One-Panel Puns: Sexual Predator
Apr 26Kid Icarus
Apr 30The Most Dangerous Game
May 3Our Friend Computer
May 7Jesus Christ, Enough Already
May 10One-Panel Puns: Firing Squad
May 14The Runs
May 17And I Feel Fine
May 21Getting Dressed
May 24Pet Peeve
May 28Gran Slam
May 31Demake
Jun 4Figures
Jun 7One-Panel Puns: Cop Out
Jun 11Hot Topics
Jun 14Just the Facts
Jun 18Meals And Wheels
Jun 21D&D 101: Fighter
Jun 25D&D 101: Wizard
Jun 28D&D 101: Rogue
Jul 2D&D 101: Cleric
Jul 5One-Panel Puns: Death March
Jul 9Something Terrifically Distasteful
Jul 10Red and Rover
Jul 16diePhone
Jul 19One-Panel Puns: Speech Bubble
Jul 22Crash Override
Jul 26The Classics Redux
Jul 30Jack (Squat) of Clubs
Aug 2Maid, Man
Aug 6One-Panel Puns: Booty Call
Aug 9Make Love Not Warmachine
Aug 13Subtlety
Aug 16Deep In The Hearth of Texas
Aug 20Martial Smarts
Aug 23Pride in Your Work
Aug 27Wacky Races
Aug 30Pebble
Sep 3Members Only
Sep 6Funny Joke
Sep 10One-Panel Puns: Facebook
Sep 13Towering Unferno
Sep 17Bodice Rip-Off
Sep 20Giger Counter
Sep 24Flying Blind
Sep 27Smooth Operator
Oct 1Childish Fears
Oct 4Time Out
Oct 8Silent But Deadly
Oct 11Safe Sex
Oct 15One-Panel Puns: Resident Evil
Oct 18Very, Very Big Green Men
Oct 22Bistander
Oct 25Catcophony
Oct 29Trick Arr Treat
Nov 1Fake It While You Make It
Nov 5Jersey Shorn
Nov 8Untitled
Nov 12You Say You Want an Evolution
Nov 15One-Panel Puns: Table Top
Nov 19Gun Shy
Nov 22Hat Trick
Nov 26Dragon Age Gap
Nov 29Nice Things
Dec 3Knight Errand
Dec 6Princess Toad Fool
Dec 10Jingle Bells
Dec 13How to Pick Up Women
Dec 17What Lurks Beneath
Dec 20The Cat Walk
Dec 24One-Panel Puns: Christmas Eve
Dec 27Filler Up
Dec 31Auld Lang Sigh


Jan 3One-Panel Puns: Romantic Comedy
Jan 7Roddenberry on the Rocks
Jan 10Super Duper
Jan 14Wrong Way
Jan 17Shreddin’
Jan 21Soul Survivor
Jan 24Everywhere
Jan 28The Devil You Know
Jan 31Square One
Feb 4Fowl Play
Feb 7Mental Hell
Feb 11Hard Liquor
Feb 14Love, Exciting and Eww
Feb 18J. J. H. Christ
Feb 21On Paper
Feb 25Killjoy Switch
Mar 4One-Panel Puns: Test Pattern
Mar 11Civic Doodie
Mar 18Renaissance Man Parts
Mar 25Stareoid
Apr 1The Killing Joke
Apr 8Auto Biography
Apr 15The XY Factor
Apr 22One-Panel Puns: Heads-Up Display
Apr 29Holy Police
May 6Go With the Flow
May 13Dog Bowl
May 20One-Panel Puns: Fairer Sex
May 27Passing